Oops, I'm Going to Hell

from by Malvador



At Sunday school, we should’ve paid more attention.
We broke some rules. so we’ll prepare for the rapture.
But I got us a plan: we’ll load the truck and drive upstate.
I know of a place where we can watch the kingdom fall.

F5’s of fire. Death, chaos, cataclysm.
Your power revealed, a revelation, oh…I get it now.
My last desperate stand, I’ll build a raft and float away.
On my final day, no doubt you’ve forsaken me.

Lead me not to temptation for I can find it myself.
Ain’t got no need for redemption
Cuz there’s no strangers in hell.

At least I’ll be with everyone I know.
Least I’ll be with everyone I know.

Let god be praised, his finest work has yet to come.
Some may be saved, the others will perish in flames.


from Malvador, released October 3, 2014


tags: rock Hamburg


all rights reserved


Malvador Hamburg, New Jersey

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